Four types of searches are possible:

1) You can search on a particular word to find which dainas contain it. If you are searching for a word, to maximize the results, enter only the root of the word, omitting the case endings and inserting an asterisk * to indicate omitted letters. (For example, instead of bāleliņš, enter only bāleliņ* ). For letters that have Latvian diacritical marks, use the drop down list to find the appropriate letter.

2) You can search on a phrase to find which dainas contain it.

3) You can search by the number of the geographic location where a daina was recorded. This number is immediately below each daina. The results will yield all the dainas collected from that geographic area. The complete key to the numbering system of geographic locations (topografiskais rādītājs), may be found in vol. I, pp. 403-418.

4) You can search for a daina by its number. This is the number that is written immediately above each daina.

Search for a word or a phrase or a number:

Latvian letters/latviešu burti

Please scroll down to the see the search results.

The results obtained by searching on a word or phrase will allow you to access the daina in three different ways:

If you click on the daina number, you will access only that one daina.

If you click on the underlined section title, you will access the whole section in which one or more dainas containing the search word appear. You can then scroll down to see all the dainas in this section containing the search word. The search word will be highlighted in yellow.

If you click on the thumbnail page image in the section, the scanned page image will open. To enlarge the image of the scanned page, click anywhere on the page image.